Wrapping vs Painting Your Vehicle

Studies indicate that a vehicle wrap is one of the most effective form of advertising today. One car wrap gets between 30,000 and 70,000 views per day. More than 95% of Americans are reached by media targeting vehicle drivers and passengers.

Is wrapping or painting better for racing?

For racing stripes or racing cars, wrapping is becoming more and more popular. More than half the Nascar racers have switched to wrapping as opposed to painting. It’s quicker and more efficient to install a new wrap; they can be easily applied and new vinyl technology keeps the vinyl smooth and bubble free. Painting is much more involved and often requires more time and attention to detail to get the same results. Wraps allow for more creative freedom and flexibility.

Which is more cost effective?

Overall, painting will normally cost less than a wrap. However, the ultimate savings in time and labor result in savings by utilizing wraps. They are easily produced and take much less time overall to apply to the vehicle. Painting requires more labor to make sure that everything is even, whereas a wrap is already pre-measured and straight. The graphics are already in the correct positioning, they just need to be applied.

What will happen to the value of the car if I wrap vs. paint?

Painting permanently covers the original cover of the vehicle. Wrapping can be temporary and ultimately removed. Since it retains the original color of the vehicle, it will be easier to resell the vehicle. A wrap can be maintained for anywhere between 5-8 years and not affect the original coloring.

What maintenance is involved for paint vs. a wrap?

With paint, consistent waxing is necessary to maintain the vitality of the paint job. However, with a wrap, the need for waxing is eliminated. The wrap can maintain its shine and appearance for a longer period of time than paint can. The wrap can also protect from external forces, such as wind and rocks. The wrap can assist in protecting the original color of the car and maintain a quality undercoat of paint.

Which is more environmentally friendly?

Vinyl vehicle wraps are the most environmentally friendly option for your vehicle. It is quick and efficient, and maintains the original composition of the vehicle. It avoids the use of chemicals and involves a simple solution to wrap around the vehicle.

Which is faster to complete, a paint job or a wrapping job?

Wrapping is much more quick and efficient than a new paint job. It covers the existing paint and creates a different facade. Vehicle wraps are generally not supposed to be seen close up; the original paint can sometimes be slightly visible. The wrap is printed and applied much more quickly than a paint job is outlined and filled in. The increased cost of a wrap is balanced by the labor that is involved with the paint job.





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